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MDCT for Bariatric Surgery Evaluation: Imaging modality
of choice in the diagnosis of surgical complications

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Bariatric surgical procedures, increasingly performed to treat obesity, present a small but real risk of complications. The best imaging approach for detecting post-bariatric surgery complications is MDCT, with or without the intravenous injection of contrast medium.

A detailed review of the role of MDCT in this context is offered in Professor Laghi and colleagues’ Focus on, proposed in this newsletter. Diagnostic challenges encountered by radiologists and surgeons involved in the care of bariatric surgical patients are depicted in the e-book chapter and research articles presented here, while the Analysis & Opinion section reviews a new book on this topic. Finally, two new clinical cases provide a practical demonstration of the efficacy of MDCT in assessing specific complications of bariatric surgery.

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Imaging in Bariatric Surgery
A. Laghi

The book Imaging in Bariatric Surgery, edited by Marco Rengo and Andrea Laghi, is dedicated to the complex problem of imaging obese patients who are candidates for bariatric surgery and is addressed to radiologists, surgeons and general practitioners involved in the multidisciplinary management of obese patients who are candidates for this kind of surgery.



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