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MDCT: The gold-standard imaging approach
for acute mesenteric ischemia

Mesenteric ischemia is a complex condition resulting from a compromised blood flow through the mesenteric vessels to the small intestine, and is classified as acute and chronic. Although rare, the acute form (AMI) can cause intestinal infarction and necrosis and may be life threatening if the diagnosis is late or imprecise.

Angiography has been widely used to detect AMI, but it is an invasive, inaccurate and sometimes dangerous diagnostic method. MDCT has therefore become the leading diagnostic approach for AMI, and should be promptly performed in all patients with suspected bowel ischemia. MDCT is also useful for treatment planning.

The Focus on, the selected literature and the clinical cases here proposed all highlight the fundamental role of MDCT in diagnosing AMI and defining the nature of the disease and the extent of damage. Finally, the Technological Corner offers an in-depth analysis of the use of iterative reconstruction in abdominal imaging and its advantages in reducing radiation exposure.

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Acute Mesenteric Ischemia
Maria Ciolina, Mariangela Santoni, Andrea Laghi

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Tips and tricks for an optimal use of iterative reconstruction in abdominal CT
D. Caruso, A. Laghi

A number of advantages of iterative reconstruction have been demonstrated in abdominal imaging; these are mainly based on the principle of noise reduction, with subsequent radiation dose reduction and artifact suppression.



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