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Myocardial CT: multiple applications for anatomical and functional assessment of the heart

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Advances in MDCT technology have revived interest in using CT to examine the perfusion of myocardial tissue in patients with cardiac ischemia or infarction. Myocardial CT provides both anatomical and functional information and allows physicians to better understand the clinical significance of stenoses seen at CT angiography. With myocardial CT, it is possible to assess tissue viability and perfusion defects, and to determine the extent of reperfusion after angioplasty. This imaging technique can be done with patients at rest and also in conditions of stress induced pharmacologically or with exercise.

Myocardial CT is reviewed and illustrated in detail on this month, in Prof. Paul’s Focus on and in the selected e-book and recently published articles now available to readers. Finally, two new clinical cases illustrates the use of MDCT in the detection of coronary and renal artery diseases.

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