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MDCT: The gold standard for imaging bowel occlusion

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Occlusion of the bowel can have a variety of etiologies, and hence can present with different clinical features. These clinical manifestations and related complications are readily identified with MDCT, which is becoming the preferred imaging approach for these conditions.

The role of MDCT in the study of small and large bowel occlusions is reviewed this month in Professor Laghi and colleagues’ Focus on. The use of MDCT in the emergency setting, to diagnose and manage patients with small or large bowel occlusion, is discussed in the selected e-book chapter and research articles presented here. Furthermore, two new clinical cases illustrate the use of MDCT in detecting an occlusion, determining its type and cause.

In the Analysis & Opinion section, Prof. Laghi relives his intense three-day experience at the 29th annual meeting and post-graduate course of the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR), recently held in Dublin. An e-lecture from ESGAR 2018 dedicated to the role of contrast agent and injection protocol in abdominal imaging is also presented.

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CT in Intestinal Occlusion
N. Panvini, D. Caruso, C. Noya, A. Laghi

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ESGAR 2018: another step towards multidisciplinarity
Perspective by A. Laghi

The 29th annual meeting and post-graduate course of ESGAR was held this past June in Dublin, Ireland. More than 1400 delegates attended the conference. The three-day annual meeting was a mix of lectures, scientific sessions, workshops, lunch symposia and other interesting and innovative initiatives, for example “highlighted poster sessions” and “tricky cases”.





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