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ESGAR 2016: The 27th Annual Meeting in the name of multidisciplinarity and interactivity

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On 14‒17 June 2016 the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) celebrated its 27th Annual Meeting in Prague, one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

Many diverse topics have been covered, a number of interactive and innovative sessions, courses and workshops have been held, and a very formative experience has been lived by the numerous meeting attendees.

In this special Newsletter Professor Laghi offers an overview of this exciting event, highlighting the most enriching sessions and debates of this conference in both educational and innovative terms.

Furthermore, this Newsletter gives you the opportunity to enter inside the meeting by proposing you an e-lecture from the “Liver imaging in 2016: where do we stand?” Symposium.

We remind you that suggestions for new topics to be covered in future newsletters are appreciated: for this purpose please contact us at

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ESGAR 2016: The excellence in the field of abdominal imaging
A. Laghi

On 14‒17 June 2016, Prague, the glamourous capital of the Czech Republic, hosted the annual meeting of ESGAR (European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology). Over 1400 delegates from all over the world attended the meeting, which provided, as usual, many new and interesting educational opportunities.