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Dear MDCT.net users,

MDCT.net is glad to support your educational needs by providing you rapid access to posted material on the topic of headache and brain imaging.

Headache disorders represent one of the most common impairments of the nervous system. They can be a warning sign for severe underlying disorders such as brain tumors or subarachnoid hemorrhage due to ruptured intracranial aneurysms. On the other hand, underlying structural alterations of the brain may be absent on imaging examinations in a large proportion of patients presenting with headaches. It is important to differentiate the different forms and causes of headache disorders, both clinically and on imaging examinations.

Besides presenting a new case of headache for you to study and diagnose, this newsletter gathers all previous MDCT.net clinical cases in which headache was one of the presenting symptoms. Furthermore, to enhance your knowledge on this subject, in addition to the cases, we are glad to offer you an insight into a recently published major reference work on the topic, the “Handbook of Headache: Practical Management”, and an overview of further literature related to the topic.
We hope you find this newsletter helpful and invite you to submit suggestions for topics to be covered in future issues by writing to us at editorial@mdct.net .

Your MDCT.net Team
Handbook af Headache

Handbook of Headache

P. Martelletti, T.J. Steiner
  • Overview of Common and Important Headache Disorders
  • Mechanisms of Migraine and Its Treatment
  • Lifting The Burden: The Global Campaign Against Headache
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T. Roser, M. Bonfert, F. Ebinger, M. Blankenburg, B. Ertl-Wagner, F. Heinen. Primary versus secondary headache in children: a frequent diagnostic challenge in clinical routine. Neuropediatrics. 2013 Feb;44(1):34-9

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Chronic frontal headaches

Man, 64 years old
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Headache and pain on neck movement
Woman, 54 years old
view »

Unexplained deep coma
Woman, 58 years old
view »

Increasing headache
Woman, 82 years old
view »

Headache and vision problems
Woman, 64 years old
view »

Nausea and vomiting after a fall
Girl, 4 years old
view »

Abnormal otoscopic exam
Man, 32 years old
view »

Headache and photophobia
Man, 32 years old
view »

Hypoglycemia, tremors, headache
Man, 47 years old
view »

Acute onset of severe headache
Man, 45 years old
view »

Headache and a history of brain surgery
Woman, 28 years old
view »

Loss of consciousness after trauma
Man, 34 years old
view »

Headache and reduced level of consciousness
Man, 72 years old
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