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New contribution focused on Anatomy

Anatomy of the Colon

M. Ciolina, F. Iafrate, A. Laghi
The large intestine constitutes the distal part of the intestine extending from the ileocecal valve to the anus. Its anatomy is more complex than it seems, but a good knowledge of it is essential to understand many of the pathological processes.

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A selection of recent cases from our regularly updated column
Abdomen and Pelvis
Therapy-resistant hypertension
Man, 46 years old

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Hydropneumothorax and abdominal discomfort
Man, 87 years old

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Severe abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation
Woman, 78 years old

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Hyperechoic liver mass seen with US
Man, 65 years old

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Incidental mass on chest radiograph
Man, 41 years old

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Brain, and Head and Neck
Reduced level of consciousness and hemiparesis
Man, 64 years old

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A retrospective study suggests that contrast-enhanced MDCT with 3D image reconstruction may be effective in determining the exact location and shape of ductal carcinoma in situ before surgery.
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Abdomen and Pelvis
Papers published in Emergency Radiology examine the CT patterns of two common, acute abdominal emergencies, namely ductal carcinoma in situ and appendicitis .
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According to a large retrospective study published in the International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, the findings initially obtained with CT angiography in patients with chest pain are strong predictors of the subsequent need for invasive angiography and revascularization. A preliminary study published in the same journal explored the use of contrast-enhanced MDCT to characterize left atrial appendage stasis in patients with atrial fibrillation .
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CT colonography
Colorectal cancer screening and computerized tomographic colonography is the title of a new book edited by Brooks D. Cash and published by Springer. These two chapters discuss the indications and evidence for CT colonography and controversies of this imaging modality.
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Technical considerations
Researchers used a phantom model to determine the accuracy and sensitivity of low-dose MDCT in detecting pulmonary nodules : both 16- and 64-slice CT protocols were highly sensitive in detecting nodules 5 mm in diameter or larger, while small and non-solid nodules were not detected as accurately; volume measurements were underestimated more often when done manually than with a semi-automated software tool.
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Cardiovascular CT and MR Imaging: From technique to clinical interpretation

C. Catalano, M. Anzidei, A. Napoli
Springer 2013

The aim of this book is to provide concise but thorough information and guidance on the main methods and examination techniques used when performing high-quality CT angiography and MR angiography studies in a broad range of clinical settings.

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CT angiography, Post-processing, Abdominal aorta

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MDCT Protocols – Whole body and emergencies

A. Laghi (ed)
Springer 2012

The i-Pad compatible contents of this book are available in full via the MDCT.net Kiosk at Apple's iTunes website.
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Utilities for everyday clinical practice. Calculators for determining BMI, BSA, CO, dose flux and GFR are available for both computers and mobile devices.
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