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The Emergency section of the iPad-compatible book MDCT Protocols is now available for downloading onto your iPad.

From now on, all sections of this e-Book
are available through the MDCT.net Kiosk.
Take a look at them when you are searching for new MDCT protocols.

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Imaging Tumor Response to Therapy
M. Aglietta, D. Regge, Springer, 2012
Book Review by A. Laghi, Italy

A welcomed contribution to the current imaging literature; the book describes what should be the correct, modern approach to image analysis today and, at the same time, explores and discusses new techniques and methods under research evaluation.
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Brain, and Head and Neck
A study published in European Radiology suggests that thrombus imaging, in the context of acute ischemic stroke, is feasible using non-contrast, sequential CT with thin slice reconstruction, with the added benefit of lower radiation exposure than in helical CT.
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Two prospective studies used 64-slice MDCT to assess coronary artery pathology: the CorE-64 international study reported data on the performance of quantitative CT angiography in assessing myocardial perfusion defects, whereas a Dutch-Indonesian team investigated the prevalence of myocardial bridging.
Moreover, Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports offers two state-of-the-art reviews in cardiac CT relating to the study of valvular heart disease and the imaging of coronary stents.

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The journal Insights in Imaging has published a review on MDCT applications in chest trauma , focusing on the examination technique and the imaging findings of different types of chest injuries.
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CM Safety
Japanese researchers report the incidence of contrast-induced nephropathy in a cohort of high-risk patients who had an MDCT examination, and show how it is similar to the rate of general nephropathy in patients who had MDCT without contrast medium.
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Three studies examine the role of MDCT in different spinal pathologies: sacral bone bruises , thoracic spinal fractures , and fusion status after instrumental desis of the lumbar spine.
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Cardiovascular CT and MR Imaging

C. Catalano, M. Anzidei, A. Napoli
Springer 2013
  • Chapter 1 - CT-Angiography
  • Chapter 3 - Post-Processing
  • Chapter 10 - Abdominal Aorta
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Abdomen and Pelvis
Crohn 's disease and acute lower right side abdominal pain
Man, 52 years old
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Abdominal pain and diarrhea
Man, 67 years old
view »
Weight loss and diarrhea
Man, 86 years old
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CT Colonography
Left flank pain, anemia and positive FOBT
Woman, 86 years old
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Mild pelvic pain for two weeks
Woman, 77 years old
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Chest pain, dyspnea, fever and hypoglycemia
Woman, 77 years old
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