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The value of CT angiography in the diagnosis
of pulmonary embolism during pregnancy

In April 2021 we introduced a new type of contribution, videographics, an innovative way to present our authors’ talks, complemented by attractive infographics composing a visual map of the key contents.

Exactly one year later, we are pleased to introduce another new format, videopills, short video presentations focusing on specific topics and supported by meaningful images, developed to improve and strengthen in-depth learning of the topic being presented.

Like a year ago, once again this year Professor Loewe is inaugurating this new experience, by describing – in the videopill that we present here – the delicate topic of the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in pregnancy through the use of CT angiography. The advantages deriving from the use of the CT angiography in this context are further demonstrated by the scientific publication we have selected for you.

We hope you enjoy this new type of contribution and we remind you that for topics to be covered in future issues you can send your proposals to us at

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Mehdipoor G, Jimenez D, Bertoletti L et al; RIETE Investigators.  Imaging modalities for confirming pulmonary embolism during pregnancy: results from a multicenter international study. Eur Radiol. 2022 Feb;32(2):1238-1246.