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Focus on
Nonpolypoid ("flat") lesions: a source of fear for CT colonographers?
by A. Laghi

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Malaise and slight fever
Woman, 81 years old

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Headache and a history of brain surgery
Woman, 28 years old

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From: ESCR 2011, Symposium Protocols for Cardiac CT,
Amsterdam, October 8, 2011

Cardiac CT: improved strategies for dose reduction
F. Cademartiri

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ECG triggered CT scanning beyond the coronary arteries
C. Becker

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From: Symposium Shaping the Future of Medical Imaging,
Prague, September 12, 2011

X-ray Contrast Agents in Radiology: how to use them to improve the Cost-Effectiveness and Patient Management
AJ Aschoff

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Dear MDCT.net Users,

With this last message of 2011, the MDCT.net team wishes to thank our registered users for their continuing interest in our web site.

This year has seen the addition of a new section called “Focus on”, consisting of practical audiovisual presentations on major imaging topics. Presentations already available address
  • radiation dose reduction in cardiac CT
  • temporal bone anatomy
  • imaging of hepatocellular carcinoma
  • bowel preparation and tagging in CT colonography.

We have furthermore implemented the utilities for our readers with 3 additional calculators: BMI, BSA, and Cardiac Output, all for use on computer and/or mobile devices.

Another exciting feature is the series of Springer e-books, available in part or in full in PDF format.

The MDCT-TV service has been expanded to include an additional course on radiation dose reduction and the e-lecture collection has been enriched with interesting videos from this year's meetings.

Throughout the year, we have regularly updated the archives of clinical cases, selected literature and published hot topics and book reviews to keep you up to date.

MDCT.net continues to strive to be the key reference site for quality information about state-of-the-art of CT imaging and clinical applications.

We hope that you will continue to find our site's content both informative and accessible.

With all the best wishes for the coming year,

Scientific Board and staff of MDCT.net
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