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Body Mass Index Calculator   Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI)
This tool calculates a person's body mass index (BMI), an indicator of body fatness expressed in units of kg/m 2. Calculations are possible using either the US customary system or the metric system. Interpretation of BMI in terms of a person’s weight status (from underweight to obese) is valid only for adults, whereas for children and teens it is necessary to refer to age-adjusted rankings. 
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Body Mass Index Calculator   Body Surface Area Calculator (BSA)
Estimation of a patient’s body surface area (BSA) is necessary for determining dosages of some drugs and for setting CT scanning parameters in terms of radiation exposure. This tool estimates BSA from height and weight according to five different equations: Mosteller; Dubois and Dubois; Haycock; Gehan and George; and Boyd. 
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Body Mass Index Calculator   Cardiac Output Calculator (CO)
This tool calculates cardiac output (CO) as the volume of blood pumped by the heart in one minute, in units of L/min, using input values of stroke volume and heart rate. It also automatically reports cardiac index (CI), which is the cardiac output normalized to the estimated body surface area (CI = CO/BSA).
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Brain, and Head and Neck
Right-sided hearing impairment
Woman, 48 years old
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Reduced visual acuity bilaterally
Boy, 4 years old
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Acute-onset chest pain and nausea
Woman, 60 years old
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Follow-up imaging after cancer surgery
Man, 58 years old
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