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A symphony of clinical cases

Dear readers,

This year, the European Congress of Radiology has doubled its events: the first, still exclusively online because of the ongoing pandemic emergency restrictions, took place from 2 to 6 March, while the second will be held, finally in person, in Vienna from 13 to 17 July.

The central theme that permeates the entire congress and connects, as a fil rouge, the two events is “Building Bridges”. More than a mere aspiration, this motto embodies several meanings and as such can be variously interpreted: building bridges to connect the two closely related events or, in the meaning intended by the congress promoters, to enhance collaboration among the many healthcare professionals involved in patient care; or finally, in light of the alarming current world situation, “building bridges” can also signify the desire to establish or reinforce close ties of international cooperation to stave off the threat of a world war.

As in a musical overture – the first movement of each suite –, we hope this will be the first step in a long and bright journey towards greater scientific knowledge through the ECR 2022 congress, greater partnership among specialists to the benefit of all patients, and greater unity for world peace.

We would like to celebrate ECR 2022 by presenting a collection of new clinical cases that will test your growing expertise in the use of MDCT in everyday clinical practice. As you will see, we have built a bridge that links the first and second of the cases reported below.

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Patient with vague abdominal pain
Man, 63 years old
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