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CT angiography in suspected acute mesenteric ischemia:
The most accurate method for diagnostic work-up

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Acute mesenteric ischemia (AMI) is a relatively rare and potentially fatal vascular emergency which needs prompt detection and early intervention. CT angiography has been largely identified as the most sensitive, specific and reliable first-line imaging tool for patients with suspected AMI.

This month’s Focus on, by Prof. Loewe, offers a detailed depiction of the pathophysiology underlying this condition and illustrates the most appropriate CT-based diagnostic procedures to be adopted in different clinical scenarios. 

The selected e-book chapter proposed below, while deepening the discussion on the clinical and diagnostic aspects of AMI described in the Focus on, examines the complex and challenging management of this life-threatening disease entity.

The experiences reported in the two clinical cases of this Newsletter demonstrate the valuable role of CT angiography for an immediate and correct diagnosis of AMI and its underlying causes.

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