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CT Colonography: Problem-solving techniques
to avoid mimickers and pitfalls

Dear readers,

CT colonography (CTC) has been widely demonstrated to be the most accurate and sensitive imaging method to identify colonic lesions. Nonetheless, artifacts, traps and mimickers are not infrequent and can be seriously confounding, leading to an incorrect diagnosis.

This month’s Focus on, by Prof. Laghi’s team, aims at illustrating the most reliable criteria and techniques for an effective characterization of the colorectal lesions observed at CTC, driving you towards a correct imaging interpretation.

Similarly, the articles selected for this Newsletter provide useful tools to help you distinguish mimickers from lesions and avoid diagnostic errors.

The tips and strategies reported in the Focus on and in the selected literature are successfully applied in daily practice, as demonstrated by the interesting and challenging clinical cases proposed below.

Suggestions for topics to be covered in future issues of this newsletter are welcome as usual. Please send your ideas to us at

From the team



CT Colonography: a tour around colonic lesions and mimickers
Davide Bellini, Simone Vicini, Filippo Tiberia, Domenico De Santis

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