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  Hot Topics
  Abdomen and Pelvis
  Detection of acute gastrointestinal bleeding
with MDCT

by Andrik J. Aschoff, T. Jäckle
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  Brain, and Head and Neck - Neuroradiology
coordinated by B. Ertl-Wagner
  Comprehensive imaging of acute ischemic stroke using multidetector CT: fast, safe and feasible
by V. Matarese
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  Cardiovascular - Cardiac Multislice CT
  Radiation dose in cardiac multislice CT:
an important issue

by Jean-François Paul
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  Updates in Technology
  Advanced post-processing options for
CT colonography

by Andrik J. Aschoff, Markus S. Juchems
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  Workflow challenges in radiology and TeraRecon's client-server platform Aquarius
by C. Catalano, V. Matarese
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  A new client-server solution. The so-called
syngo WebSpace

by A. Küttner, Erlangen, Germany
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  Selected Literature
  MDCT Technology
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  Technical Considerations
  Articles providing overviews on MDCT protocols and reporting on specific technical issues such as spatial and temporal resolution, radiation dose, contrast medium administration and scan timing.
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  CM Safety
  Recognizing and managing patients at risk, and treating reactions to contrast medium, such as contrast medium-induced nephropathy, immediate-type hypersensitivity, extravasation and other adverse events.
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  Abdomen and Pelvis
  Literature reporting protocols, clinical applications and data interpretation for routine and emergency imaging of abdominal and pelvic organs such as liver, pancreas, urinary tract and gastrointestinal tract
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  Brain, and Head and Neck
  Reports on MDCT applications for brain imaging, including assessment of cerebral perfusion and neurovascular events, as well as imaging of bone and soft tissues of the neck, spine and skull.
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  MDCT applications in the field of cardiovascular imaging are numerous and include: assessment of the coronary arteries, bronchial arteries, renal arteries and aorta; diagnosis of aortic aneurysms, chest masses, pulmonary embolism and peripheral artery disease; evaluation of coronary artery bypass grafts and calcium scores; and visualization of vascular injury.
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  A selection of articles on non-vascular applications of MDCT in the chest, including visualization of lung parenchyma, lung cancer screening and staging, and assessment of patients with chest pain syndrome.
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  Reviewed for You
  Book Review
  Bernd M. Ohnesorge et al.
Multi-slice and dual-source CT in
cardiac imaging, 2nd edn.

Book Review by A. Küttner , Erlangen Germany
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  A. Brüning et al.
Protocols for multislice CT, 2nd edn.
Book Review by A. Küttner, Erlangen Germany
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  Abdomen and Pelvis
    Acute abdominal pain
  Male, 59 years old
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  Male, 44 years old
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    Acute lower abdominal pain and rectal bleeding
  Male, 81 years old
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  Brain, and Head and Neck
    Acute onset of severe headache
  Male, 45 years old
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    Comatose state
  Male, 89 years old
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    Shortness of breath in a patient with Hodgkin’s disease since age 14 years
  Woman, 37 years old
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    Pulslessness of both legs
  Male, 76 years old
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    Cardiac two-vessel disease
  Male, 73 years old
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    Acute coronary syndrome in a 36-year-old patient
  Patient, 36 years old
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    A 9-month-old infant with cardiac and bronchial anomalies on chest radiographs
  Male, 9 months old
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    Atypical chest pain
  Male, 18 years old
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    MDCT Technology - Introduction »

Technical Considerations »

Preparing Patients for CE Exams »

CM Safety »
    from State of the Art in MDCT Technology and Applications
Amsterdam October 6-7, 2006
    from General Issues in MDCT
Principles of contrast administration in MDCT
Andrik J. Aschoff »
    Image quality, contrast medium and radiation dose: how to bilance them?
Jean-François Paul »
    from Vascular and Cardiac Imaging
CT coronary angiography: technical considerations
A. Küttner »
    CT angiography
C. Catalano »
    MDCT in neuro-vascular imaging
B. Ertl-Wagner »
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